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"Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it"

In ages past, this land of steel and stone was preceeded by a land of blood and shadow, a land where legends held sway. This land was also ruled by those with power, and though their rule was no more benign, it was of a different sort. As with all kingdoms, their time passed, and gave way to what was thought to be armageddon. The whims of those that ruled destroyed all that was- but even they could not destroy all that was to be. Telos grew out of the storms of their folly, surviving despite the worst that could be thrown at it. It grew into a bastion of security among the wastelands that surround it. Though others fell around it, Telos became a fortress among the ruins of a civilization destroyed.

But this security is an illusion. Those that are left of these long-lost titans battle over scraps from their table, and in their ignorance may once again repeat the follies of their past...

...but there is hope. The descendants of these great giants possess abilities inherited from their forebears. These abilities, while not the equal of those that have gone before, may be just enough for them to pierce the veil that has been thrown over Telos, and save her from herself before it is too late...

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