My Campaigns

I am game master for a few games online and face to face. I enjoy the writing and crafting the worlds the most. Though I use crafted worlds in many cases, I like taking established settings and injecting my own flair to them.


On Hiatus

Welcome to Cyberia: part of the Ask Not Of Amber play-by-email (PBEM) role-playing game. You will quickly realize this is not like other Amber diceless games. Firstly, Cyberia is but one of three different "worlds." Other stories are set in the Enclaves and the Wastelands. These three "realms" are all that remains of the Amber and Chaos featured in Roger Zelazny’s "Nine Princes in Amber." The PatternFall War has undone the universe, leaving behind only ashen dreams of time that once was.

After the Shadow Storms subsided, a world of steel and neon remained: Cyberia. This is your home Child of Amber; a prison without walls. A prison because you have forgotten who you are and where you come from. But the Blood doesn't forget. It sings in your soul, making you "more" than those around you. So, step lightly Child of Amber; your destiny has come looking for you. Whether you like it or not.

Dark Aberrant

On Hiatus

The year is 2020, and the world is dark.

Nationalism is a joke, as keiretsu and multinational conglomerates rule the world. The technological curve has increased geometrically, and the world 2020 would be almost unrecognizeable to a denizen of the year 2000.

Dark Sun Redemption

On Hiatus

The world of Athas is a bleak place- death is cheap and acts of kindness are few and far between. All the desert, and barely a drop of water to be had.

But it wasn't always this way...

Gotham Nights

On Hiatus

This PBeM (Play by e-mail) is set in Gotham City, circa the year 2000. The setting is darker than the traditional comic, more gritty with a more realistic feel. Think more along the Vertigo label of DC and you are in the right mindset.

Batman is a recent arrival in the city, though Bruce Wayne has been a resident all his life as before. His crusade against evil only happened after his law practice collapsed around his ears in the corruption of the city. As a result, Gotham is a lot closer to the brink than it ever was in any other iteration.

Into the Black

In Planning

Into the Black is an online role-playing game played by e-mail- otherwise known as a pbem. It is set in an original universe based on the works of Joss Whedon, Matthew Woodring Stover, John Wick, and Andrew Greenberg. The politics of the setting are influenced greatly by the politics of 19th century Earth, though greatly exaggerated.

The 'Nam

In Planning

Everyone has said The Vietnam Conflict was hell. What they didn't know, was that they were right. Before you take your Tour of Darkness, decide if you actually want to know what lies beyond the veil that clouds human sight to the terrors that lie around them.

The Shenandoah Reports

On Hiatus

The Shenandoah Reports is a Dresden Files campaign centered around the Shenandoah Valley, detailing what happens when turmoil comes to the area.