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A beginning is a fragile time...

The dawning of the sixth millennium marked the beginning of the declination of the rule of mankind. Humanity had reached for the stars, and then once they were within their reach, fought over them, squandered them, and have now nearly lost them. The Empire that bound them together is now long dead, and now splinters left in its fall vie for the remnants.

But into this twilight age, hope has again arisen. Beyond the Known Worlds, reason has captured the imagination of humanity again, as the Viserian Republic has arisen from lowly origins to become the source of inspiration to the older nations. Unfortunately, darker urges have reached out towards the fledgling nation, sparking a civil war that threatened to destroy their sovereignty. The Alliance that emerged from the flames of war is much like the Republic that was plunged into the kiln, but also different in many ways. An innocence was lost as brother killed brother. What will come of this new Alliance is unknown, but it soldiers on, for though innocence die, hope still remains.

Into the Black is an online role-playing game played by e-mail- otherwise known as a pbem. It is set in an original universe based on the works of Joss Whedon. The politics of the setting are influenced greatly by the politics of 19th century Earth, though greatly exaggerated.

For more information about the game and the universe in which it is set, please see the wiki.

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