Amba, devotee of House Heldt

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Casting: Kelly Hu
Apparent Age: 28
Home Shadow: Spannan
Parents: Unknown
Appearance: Of mixed Asian descent, Amba has an exotic look attributable to this melange of cultures. She stands 5'5" tall and has a willowy 122 lb frame. Her black hair is usually worn long, flowing freely down her back. Her eyes are such a deep blue as to be almost black, but seen in direct sunlight reflect her Chaos form in which she has very light blue feline shaped eyes. She has one tattoo covering the majority of her back, trailing down her right arm of a serpentine dragon, other than that, no other marks mar her flesh.
Trump Description: Full-length body shot, her body in a position of relaxation with her right hand visible, hanging freely by her leg. Her hair blows as if in a breeze, and she wears multi-patterned pants and a sea-green top. She is superimposed on a duplicate of her tattoo, which is strangely not visible on her arm.
Background: Amba is a relatively recent addition to House Hendrake, after apparently having been raised in the wilds of Chaos, specifically the shadow Spannan. She speaks little of her time before arriving at the Courts, instead focussing on serving her House with distinction. However, the eccentric nature of her training and her personality prevent her from blending in with the Courts, and she has remained a focus of attention because of her mystique and mysterious background.
Known Abilities: A gifted warrior, Amba is trained in the martial arts of several different shadows, though her primary martial arts focus is on a form Yu Hwa, an almagam of all of the systems that she has studied. Amba is also very skilled in classical dance techniques, and it is because of this juxtaposition of skills that she excels in the Karin Sword Dance, a form of recreation/competition in the Courts of Chaos. She is also highly skilled in acrobatics and though it would seem to follow from her other skill foci in physical arenas, but not follow from her personality, she is very skilled in security systems and thievery. Her primary form of relaxation, meditation, and focus, however, comes from her art skills. Her paintings are very much in vogue in Chaos, as her ability to abstract classical forms into pieces that surpass their original shape is very much in line with the mindset of a Chaosian.
Friends and Patrons: Her primary patron and mentor in House Heldt is Baroness Tatjana Heldt, who has, after a fashion, become the mother that Amba never had. Her method of introduction to Baroness Heldt, Baron Haaibre Hendrake has been an ever present, but enigmatic part of her life. Though introduced to her strictly as an expedient to get her up to speed on life in Chaos, Helena Barimen-Ishtar has also become a fixture in Amba's life, and is one of the few that she would call a friend.
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