Cynwyd, son of House Barimen

Character in The Darkest Hour


Casting: Prince
Apparent Age: 23
Home Shadow: Ways of House Barimen
Parents: Duke Matias Barimen and Charis Ishtar-Barimen


Cynwyd of House Barimen is a counter example of the average Chaosian. Son of famed Duke Matias of House Barimen, he was to carry on the solemn duty of the house to redeem it's wayward son and the honor of Barimen, but this was far from his thoughts. Not of martial bent, even though his natural skill in the sword was notable, nor of sorcerous inclination, though he had natural magical talent, this son of Barimen was concerned only with what pleasured him. Revelry of the highest order was his only aim, everything else fell by the wayside.


He did have one area of intense interest, but musical studies were not exactly what his father had in mind in an heir. Once his brother was of an age, Cynwyd was bundled off to Amber for seasoning at Faiella University. His every need was seen to, and his parents even provided two body servants for his security and ... other needs. However uncaring Cynwyd is, he does see his situation for what it is, and for the first time he and his father are in agreement, for he would have nothing to do with the redemption of the honor of his house, and musical studies at Faiella are of passing suitability...


From afar Cynwyd is very intriguing and mysterious, even as he wraps himself in the acclaim that his musical stylings bring him. As one gets to know him, one can discern that he is borderline narcissistic, i.e. everyone is there to serve his needs. However, he is very intent and perceptive and uses these qualities to offset his narcissism and attract those to him that can feed his need. He is very pleasant to be around, and though attention is very often focused on him, it is not through any overt mechanism and indeed many times only noticed after leaving his presence.


Cynwyd has found himself bound to Osric of House Barimen. After an initial rough spot as they truly joined during a time of fire, both have found the partnership to be of mutual benefit, and though Osric has the benefit of several centuries of experience, they have a like personality and wit, which serve them well in their adventures together.


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Game Statistics

Motive: Ennui He's an unabashed hedonist
Virtue: Inspiration His creativity knows no limits.
Flaw: The King He doesn't deal well with authority figures.
Fate: The Smith Will his creativity win out in the end as he creates a lasting legacy? Or will his lusts of the flesh drain his untapped potential?


Academics 5 (Music Theory)
Athletics 5 (Fencing)
Courage 4 (Performance)
Cool 5 (Performance)
Magic 2 (Performance)


Voice of the Bard (1 - F) - His speaking voice is mellifluous and gets attention, but when he sings, he stops people in their tracks. The emotion he is able to put into his performance is almost a sort of empathy- tying him to his audience, enabling him to subtly influence mood and mindset.

Serpent's Call (2 - M,V) - Cynwyd is able to attune to an item; to see it's unique makeup in all of shadow. Once this is done, his Chaosian blood allows him to call to it across distance with a minor version of the Logrus; it is possible that items that have been attuned to him for long periods of time could even be called across shadow.

Maya (1 - F) - Maya has come to have feelings for Cynwyd that have co-opted her loyalties. Not totally, but definitely to an extent that she is not as watchful (nor does she report everything to Cynywd's house- or even to Anya).



Essence, Mind
Cynwyd's ability has been noted by the Ordo Silurian, but he's not shown any inclination to actually use his magic for more than 'parlor tricks'.


Anasi's Lure (Rule Essence)
R: Close D: Conc T: Room A: Non
This spell creates audio-visual illusions that are obviously fake in nature, unless some other form of magic is combined with it (which may make it invasive)

Apollo's Belenus (Cantrip Mind)
R: Close D: Instant T: Room A: Non
This spell creates an instant of attraction; without speaking or making a noise, it compels attention to the caster. Cynwyd uses it to cause himself to be the center of attention when arriving, i.e. to make a grand entrance.

Other Information

Blood of the Serpent

Cynwyd is non-landed gentry, and as such, has a modest trust-fund to draw on, but no true political or monetary power. He has also been granted use of a small villa in central Amber; a family estate lent to him. The twins (Maya and Anya) are his bodyguards and servants, but their ultimate loyalty is to the family that pays them. (Add known friends, clubs, political ties, etc)

Though Cynwyd does depend on the patronage of his parents, he also dallies at Club Masquerade on Temple Street, and counts the manager, Quentin "Q" Spivey (Terrence Howard) as one of his few true friends. He plays there on occasion to help Q drum up business, and Q is perhaps the only person that he neither asks for anything, nor that wants anything from him.

Osric's Statistics

During the Dark Hour, Cynwyd is lent strength from the joining he has to the shade of Prince Osric.


Psyche: 45
Strength: 25
Endurance: 30
Warfare: 25


Pattern Imprint (50)
Advanced Shapeshift (65)
Sorcery (15)
Logrus (45)