Nikomedes Sakellaris

Character in Winter Chills

Sellsword in the service of House Draupaud.


Casting: Garrett Hedlund
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 179#
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green


Nikomedes Sakellaris, often called Niko, is still a youth, obviously not come into his full growth. However he is possessed of a tall, wiry frame, whipcord lean. His face hints at a rugged attractiveness, though without the tempering of the edges of manhood, one could call him beautiful at this age. His blond hair most often hangs freely, with two braids promenently in the front, and further braids concealed in his flowing locks- these contain small bells from his time with the Dothraki. His skin is darkly tanned, though he tends in less harsh climates to be not much darker than usual for the northern climes.\


The battlefield is no place for a young child, and one would be hard-pressed to find a better example than Niko. While possessed of a maturity beyond his years, and skill matched with it, his social development has not been as finely honed. In a difficult situation, he can summon an intimidating mien far beyond what his years would suggest. But in a non threatening social environment, he is out of his ken, and tends towards a quietness that shows his youth. Several have tried to develop this in the boy, for he has had fortune when it comes to mentors. But the bare truth of the matter is that he has seen things that no child should- from barbarity on the battlefield, to the normal behaviour of soldiers off the field, and it has touched him in such a way that he has problems letting anyone become close to him.\


In the lands of Westeros, a boy of eleven is still a child. But it is not so in the lands across the sea. So it is not particularly auspicious that the story of Nikomedes Sakellaris starts at this age. However, his story is most unique.

Arriving on a ship from the far away Seven Kingdoms, the boy was intent on becoming a warrior. Life is cheap in the Free Cities; so as long as he demonstrated aptitude, he would be accepted. It was apparent that someone had trained him. But the recruiter saw more than that in the young boy. There was an ability far beyond training, a hard life that had made this child hardened before his time. He was accepted as fodder, for bodies had to be thrown into the armies to pay the butcher's bill in the frequent warfare that plagued the cities across the waves. In that environment, one grew stronger, or one died. And Niko was nothing if not a survivor.

His growing skill distinguished him, but even this was not enough- there were skilled fighters aplenty in that breeding ground. He saved his commander in battle, and that earned him the attention of one who would foster him as his own son, teaching him the ways of the Braavosi. But this was not enough to sate the young man's desire for combat. And so he left, venturing out into the Dothraki sea, a sellsword.

There, as he fought against the horselords, he gained a respect for them that superceded their status as foes. Travelling with a khalasar through the wastes, he paid the price for the bells that punctuate his every step. He learned their ways, but he was not one of them. And so he moved onward.

Beyond the green plains, to distant Lorathi. There he stayed- waiting, training. But something called to him from distant Westeros, and so he returned to the lands from which he started, leaving the path of the blade behind him. Where a boy of 11 left, a man of 16 returned. He talks not of what called him back to the Seven Kingdoms. But there has to be a reason that he returned...



Niko's current story can be found in the game in which he is a character, A Game of Thrones - Winter Chills. Certain pre-game stories are also archived there. But there are certain stories that have not been told... these are only found here.

The Chronicles of Niko

Chronicle 1: An Auspicious Arrival
Chronicle 1: An Auspicious Arrival, in which Niko begins a new life far from home.

Chronicle 2: The End of Innocence
Chronicle 2: The End of Innocence, in which Niko learns the true meaning of his current life, and the people he shares it with.

Chronicle 3: Be Careful of What You Wish For
Chronicle 3: Be Careful of What You Wish For, in which Niko learns that what he was seeking was more than what he wanted.

Chronicle 4: An Incidental Encounter
Chronicle 4: An Incidental Encounter, in which Niko's life is changed by an encounter that was incidental at best, and he learns that what he was seeking was not far at all.

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